MSK Installation Ltd – COVID-19 Solutions

With the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases continuing to grow, it is becoming increasingly likely businesses will need employees to work from home or make changes to their office set up.

MSK Installation Ltd offer a few solutions to help offices start working again these include, installing are new shield range of Transparent Clear acrylic screens these are available in 5mm or 8mm thickness and can attach to either side of the desk and on top of your existing screen to add height and protection. We can also reposition existing desks using desk glides or supply larger desks to increase distance between staff.

MSK Installation Ltd also have a new range of home working desks including Goal post leg or Panel end leg, these desks have been specifically designed for home use with a depth of 650mm and a width ranging from 900mm to 1300mm. They have a White under frame with a choice of 18 different top finishes. This range of desking also has compatible pedestals (draws) that tuck neatly under the desk and are available in matching colours.

All COVID-19 Safety Products are delivered using our fast track delivery service to get you back up and running as fast as possible

Goal Post Legs


Height – 725mm

Width – 900mm to 1300mm


Panel End Legs


Height – 725mm

Width – 900mm to 1300mm


Shield Screens


A huge range of sizes and thicknesses to fit any and all desks.


All Shield Screens are Transparent


Our Shield Screens are measured and supplied as a custom solution for your needs, they can fit onto current screens you may have and also shield you from all directions as required.